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Saturday, June 22, 2024

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NOTE: A Full P&O Expert monthly subscription is not necessary to purchase access to the Outcome Measures System

P&O Expert Outcome Measures can be subscribed separately.


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Patient Survey System

  • Secure and easy way to survey your patients.
  • All industry standard, validated Outcome Measures Surveys available
  • Import your patient information from most systems 
  • Three ways to access surveys
    • Send questionnaire links to patients by email
    • Fill out survey immediately on office tablet
    • Start immediate survey to poll client over the phone
  • Track outstanding survey requests
  • Get email notifications when surveys are completed
  • Questions are displayed to patients in a clear and concise manner in a web browser or on a portable tablet
  • Access survey responses any time by logging into P&O Expert 
  • Keep historical records of client responses




Outcomes Measurement Capture

  • Surveys consist of industry standard, approved and validated question sets
  • Surveys are automatically scored
  • Patient is given clear, concise instructions for each survey type
  • View survey results for individual patients or across multiple patients
  • Survey results remain attached to patient file to provide historical reference
  • Survey results can be 'de-identified' to allow sharing with other P&O facilities or organizations
  • Results of each survey available in two download formats
    • Easily readable full text format with questions and answers
    • CSV formatted answers only, for importing into data analysis matrix or other databases
  • Each survey result date time stamped for later reference 


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